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A Company realizing its Dream of a Green Growth!
All of our clients, how have you been?
We will reward for the unchanged love and belief from all of our clients.
Our company is a leading company in the industry while being ranked top with the outstanding technical skills and knowhow.
We are concentrating on the development of machines with the excellent cost-effectiveness, such as, eco-friendliness, a reduction in workforce and an improvement of the productivity, etc.
HanYang Tech takes the initiative in increasing some added values to our products while furnishing many kinds of equipment, such as, multi-purpose automatic mixing dryers for agricultural products, planting machines and underground irrigation equipment, etc.
Our company has grown together with our clients through numerous efforts, trials & errors during the past several years.

Our company has attracted the attentions of the industrial world while having succeeded in commercializing the service after having released our products based on the technology and our thoughts considering our clients first under the situation when the competition has become more intensified gradually in the relevnat industry.

Our company will reward for the supports from all of our clients while growing into a world-class company appropriate for the 21st century one step further in the future.
CEO of HanYang Tech / Doctor of Engineering
Ki-Dong, Kim